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Bear #56

Here is one of the trail cam photos of  DNR bear #56. This bear came to James and Stephen's bait off and on for about two weeks during the fall of 2011. 
Bear #56 made it one more year, she now is 38 years old.

In March 2010, DNR Bear Researchers Dave Garshelis, Karen Noyce, Lt. Ken Soring and MBGA President, Dennis Udovich visited the den of bear #56. This is a photo of the oldest radio collared black bear the MN DNR is monitoring.

She is known as bear #56. She is 36 years old and has had 11 litters in her lifetime; a total of 26 cubs, of which 18 were females and 8 were males. Her last litter was when she was 25 years old. Black bears have litters every other year. Cubs are born late January or early February and at birth only weigh approximately 8 oz. The female will raise her young through the summer and these cubs will den with their mother the following winter. After emerging from their den in the spring, she will stay with the yearling to show them how to find spring food sources. After living as a family for 16 months she will run the yearling off so she can come into estrous for breeding season which occurs from May until early July.  

MN Bear Association Volunteers

From left to right: Dennis Udovich, President MBGA, MN DNR Bear researchers, Karen Noyce and Dave Garshelis.

Den of Bear #56

Dave, Karen & Ken looking into the den of bear #56 after she was sedated;  she picked a very good location!

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