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Minnesota Bear Guide Association
Code of Ethics

  1. I will at all times conduct my business and services in an ethical and professional manner.

  2. I will help police the ranks of the bear guides association so we are looked upon in an ethical and professional manner.

  3. Rates, accommodations and services will be clearly defined to prospective clients prior to booking and acceptance of deposits. I will not misrepresent my business or mislead prospective clients through false or fictitious advertising.

  4. I will maintain all my equipment in a good, safe condition and in working order.

  5. I will employ only well trained, courteous and sufficient personnel to adequately care for guests and render services.

  6. I will not allow any wanton waste of game on a trip that is my responsibility. Utmost care will be taken to preserve all trophies in a satisfactory condition.

  7. An effort will be made on my part to honestly inform my clients on the general status of game in their hunting area, relative to booking their hunt.

  8. I will make a sincere effort to inform my clients with adequate information on the type of country, weather, travel involved, clothing required and hunting skills required for them to fully enjoy their outdoor experience.

  9. I will, at all times, provide for the safety of my clients and employed personnel. When necessary, I will not hesitate to remind anyone of unsafe practices which have come to my attention.

  10. I will advise all my clients to be familiar with all federal and state laws pertaining to the game they are to hunt. I will cooperate with all wildlife officials, game laws, license requirements, statutes and regulations. I will not condone any hunting violations.

  11. I will, at all times, cooperate with private landowners and public land management agencies. I will respect other guides and their rights and privileges.

  12. I will always leave clean bait stations striving to maintain the environment in as good or better condition than when I arrived.

  13. We strongly urge you to pass on any DNR radio-collared bears and any sows with cubs. Remember that white bears are protected.

Updated November 29, 2007
Minnesota Bear Guides Association
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